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I have been all over the internet and have put together what I think is a very big collection of Club Penguin swfs! Thaks to Ojoc for some of the working swfs but I have udated and fixed a lot of these! If you copy this page, please give credit to me!
Also, I have not included any old Party Rooms swfs because they take up soo much space but if you would like the swf of a Party Room, just comment and I will try to get it to you!

Hint: If you are looking for a certain swf on a PC, then press Ctrl and F and type in the box what you are looking for!

Club Penguin SWFs

Club Penguin basic swfs

These swfs are the basic rooms in Club Penguin as they are at the time and they automatically update.


Coffee Shop
Book Room
Night Club
Dance Lounge
Gift Shop
Snow Forts
Ice Rink/Pitch
Pet Shop
Pizza Parlor
Mine Shack
Boiler Room
Dojo Courtyard
Ninja Hideout
Fire Dojo
Ski Village
Ski Lodge
Lodge Attic
Sports Shop
Ski Hill
Migrator Deck
Migrator Crows Nest
Migrator Ship's Hold
Migrator Captain's Quarters


Penguin Style
Adopt a Puffle
Puffle Furniture
Costume Trunk
Martial Artworks
Snow and Sports
Rockhopper's Rare Items
Party Catalog
DJ3K Game Upgrades
Hydro-Hopper Game Upgrades
Sled Racing Game Upgrades
Catchin' Waves Game Uprades


Game Music

Hydro Hopper :-

Bean Counter :-

Puffle Roundup :-

Ice Fishing :-

Spooky Egyptian :-

Cart Surfer :-

Pizzatron 3000 :-

Jet Pack Adventure :-

Thin Ice :-

Catching Waves :-

Aqua Grabber :-

Aqua Grabber 2 :-

Card Jitsu :-

Sledding :-

Igloo and Party Music

Jingle Bells :-

April Fools Party :-

Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 1 :-

Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 2 :-

Summer Party 1 :-

Halloween :-

Winter Fiesta :-

Festival of Snow :-

St.Patricks day :-

Ice Fishing Remix :-

Driving Guitar :-

Jazz Piano :-

Pirate Party/Ocean Voyage :-

Igloo Music :-

Cool Surf :-

Summer Party 2 :-

Summer :-

Water Party :-

Summer Party 3 :-

Camp Party 1 :-

Camp Party 2 :-

Fall Fair 2 :-

Fall Fair 3 :-

Halloween 2 :-

Halloween 3 :-

Christmas :-

Christmas 2 :-

Winter Fiesta :-

April Fools Party :-

Medieval Party (Medieval Town) :-

Medieval Party Quiet :-

Medieval Party 2 :-

Mediveval Party 3 (Epic Battle) :-

Medival Party (Mine Shack) :-

Anniversary Party :-

Halloween 08 :-

Halloween 08 2 :-

Halloween 08 3 :-

Christmas (Christmas Tree) 08 :-

Christmas (Deck the Halls) 08 :-

Unknown :-

Member Dance Party 09 Rooftop (Epic Win) :-

Dance Contest (Penguin Band Boogie) :-

Unknown :-

Pufle Party 09 :-

Puffle Party 09 2 :-

St Patrick’s Day 09 (Patrick’s Jig) Quiet :-

St Patrick’s Day 09 (Patrick’s Jig) :-

Unknown :-

Unknown :-

Unknown :-

Christmas Jam :-

Beach Mix :-

Hard Rock :-

Music Jam Music

Stage Music

Alien :-

12th Fish :-

Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl :-

Mascot :-

Quest for the Golden Puffle :-

Penguins That Time Forgot :-

Team Blue :-

Planet Y :-

Fairy Fables :-

1st Penguin Play Awards 09

Haunting Of The Viking Opera


Pin Locations

Forms and Quizes


Home Pages and Videos

Other Club Penguin SWFs

Club Penguin Improvement Project 2008

( Extra Tip: If you want those Swfs up there to Load, Click one, Then Stop Loading the Page after what you want Loads)



To find postcard swfs, use the link above and then instead of 1, type in any number from 1-46, 51-96, 98-108, 110-111, 120-128, 130-135, 156-165 or 167-183.


To find Background  swfs, use the link above and then instead of 901, type in any number from 901-999 or 9000-9056.


To find Item swfs, use the link above and then instead of 1, type in any number from these lists:

Colours: 1-13
Items: 101-139, 162-199, 201-299, 301-388, 401-499, 650-678, 701-703, 711-732, 760-799, 830-854, 1004-1069, 2001-2014, 3000-3041, 4000-4147, 5000-5051, 6001-6034, 10101-16015.
Flags: 500-545
Pins: 550-642, 644-649, 7000-7014
Awards: 800-823, 8000-8006
Backgrounds: 9000-9056


To find Award swfs, use the link above and then instead of 801, type in any number from 801-823.

If any of these swfs are broken, please leave a comment and tell me!

Yours Waddling